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Dear Syria, الابطال...

passe o mouse.
Dear Syria, الابطال I want to share my true feelings with you, You might have not seen me but I have seen everything happening within you, It brings me to tear when I see you burning and I wish If I could be there I might have sat beside you and wipe your tears away, I face the pain of your loss as your loss relates to my people, I speak for you against those who speak against you, They tried hard to shut my mouth until the bullet went through, I don’t fear anyone except fear of Allah Almighty and losing you, I might be a voice that has been kept silent until they become violent, I raised my voice lost my dear once, Dear Syria don’t forget me as I am leaving a note and a mark to remind you I was always there for you, You have never seen me but I have seen you in every tear I shed, blood become my bed as I remember the last breath I took and The Ink of my words become dried they took my life but soul remained alive. Waiting to meet you with open arms and love for you. Now it’s up to them that they deliver this letter to you or wipe it away, Words remained the save but my feelings for you grew, day meet the night and I see you in every sight. Sincerely yours, Lost Writer..||

Caio Fernando Abreu.


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Sheikh Ahmad Aseer is in full Solidarity of the Ahlul Sunnah of Syria and has spoken out against Assad and Hizbulshaytan for slaughtering the Ahlulsunnah of Syria , and because of this has made him a No1 Target for the kufar shias and Nusaryiah..

May Allah swt protect our Shiekh

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These are the posters being posted all over Egypt by the Ahlul sunnah to give awareness to the Muslims of Egypt who are the Shias

with us (ahlul sunnah) against the Shias

Abu Bakr and umar are our leaders and Aisha ra is our mother, and their enemies are our enemies

The shia curse and mock the sahaba and call the Quran as incomplete and the kill the ahlul sunnah everywhere

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1 Down 4 to Go.. these are the Satanic Faces, That slander the honor of Aisha ra mother of the believers and our sahaba..

The Fate of Every Shia kafir cleric that slanders the honor of our beloved Mother Aisha ra !

الشعب المصري يوجه دعوة لزيارتهم .. لكل من ياسر الخبيث .. ومقتدى السطل .. ونصر اللات .. وبقيّة الشّلّة المجوسيّة ولكن بدون بروتوكولات رسميّة.. بعد اكرامهم حسن شحاته احسن اكرام ..

فاهلا وسهلا بكم

تحيّة للشّعب المصري

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This Shiite pig name is Hassan Shehata, he used to insult the mothers of believers, and the companions of the prophet (saw), in Iraq and in Iran

he came to convert people to Shiism in Egypt, that was his end

this is a message for any Shiite who think to enter the Sunni Egypt, you will be killed like a pig and thrown into garbage, your normal place


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When asked about the threat of Shi’ism in the Ummah today, Khalid Al-Mujahid, a brave Mujahid at Ansar Iran, replied:

“A Snake that strikes you from the back is more deadly than a bear that strikes you from the front.”

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تركيا - اسطنبول | Turkey - Istanbul

مظاهرة تركية نصرة لأجل سوريا |Turkish demonstration for Syria

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الكويت | Kuwait


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مبادئ الثورة حددها مائة ألف شهيد، ونصف مليون جريح، وثلاثة ملايين لاجئ، وبدمائهم رسموا خطوط الثورة الحمراء .

مبـــــــــــادئ ثــــــــــــورتـــنــــــــا خـــــــــط أحـــــــــمـــــــــــر … لـكـــــنـها ليـــســـــــــت كــخـــطــــــــوطـــكــــم الحـــــــمــــــــــراء !

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Mind, heart, and homeland ..

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What Chicagoans Know about Syria

Please take the time to watch this it’s hilarious and sad.