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Dear Syria, الابطال...

passe o mouse.
Dear Syria, الابطال I want to share my true feelings with you, You might have not seen me but I have seen everything happening within you, It brings me to tear when I see you burning and I wish If I could be there I might have sat beside you and wipe your tears away, I face the pain of your loss as your loss relates to my people, I speak for you against those who speak against you, They tried hard to shut my mouth until the bullet went through, I don’t fear anyone except fear of Allah Almighty and losing you, I might be a voice that has been kept silent until they become violent, I raised my voice lost my dear once, Dear Syria don’t forget me as I am leaving a note and a mark to remind you I was always there for you, You have never seen me but I have seen you in every tear I shed, blood become my bed as I remember the last breath I took and The Ink of my words become dried they took my life but soul remained alive. Waiting to meet you with open arms and love for you. Now it’s up to them that they deliver this letter to you or wipe it away, Words remained the save but my feelings for you grew, day meet the night and I see you in every sight. Sincerely yours, Lost Writer..||

Caio Fernando Abreu.

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The beautiful Mount Uhud…

Allah’s Messenger said, “This is Uhud, the mountain which loves us and which we love.” 

this is where the second battle of the Muslims took place, where the Muslims suffered defeat and our beloved Prophet (saw) was hurt… The muslims retreated by climbing this mountain… But the Muslims under the Leadership of the greatest man our Prophet (saw) did not stop there! they continued and persevered until they made Islam dominant in that region! So much can be learnt from this battle!

Uhud Mount Islam ksa Medina Yathrib 
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